About me


Jim Bruce

I am the founder of ebooklover.co.uk, which provides editing, proofreading, formatting and design services to authors of both fiction and non-fiction books, who either want to self-publish their work or sign up with a publishing company.

Born in Kent and educated at Sevenoaks School, I have worked in the newspaper industry for more than 35 years, with senior positions as a chief sub-editor, rewrite editor, graphics editor, news editor and production editor on major newspapers, including The Herald & Evening Times, The Kent & Sussex Courier, The Scottish Daily Mail, The Scottish Sun, The Sydney Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald in Australia.

I am very experienced in editing and rewriting copy for publication as news and features, and also proofreading before publication. I have also worked for many years as a newspaper layout man, designing news and features pages for maximum visual impact, and I have re-designed sections of newspapers.

As a freelancer, I have also written stories and travel features for newspapers and magazines in Britain and Australia, including The Daily Telegraph.

Please see my website www.ebooklover.co.uk, my Facebook page www.facebook.com/ebooklover.co.uk or contact me on jimbruce@ebooklover.co.uk or via the form below. I’m also on twitter @ www.twitter.com/ebookswizard


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